Air Knight


Air Knight PX5

Air Purification with Photo Ionic Oxidization

The Air Knight® Air Purification System uses unique technology consisting of UV light energy along with ionization to safely clean the air.

The Air Knight technology uses UV light energy and ionization, actively seeking out and reducing dust, dander, VOC’s, odors, and allergens.

By engineering the proper UV light spectrum in combination with ionization, the Air Knight® produces a virtually maintenance free unit that reduces odors, air pollutants, VOC’s (chemical odors), dander, and allergens.


Air Knight IPG

Air Purification System

The Air Knight IPG Air Purification System uses a unique bi-polar ionization system providing your air with both positive AND negative ion technology that encourages particles in the air to gather together, making even your existing air filter system better and more efficient than before.

In addition to the IPG feature, PX5 technology consisting of UVlight energy in a compact design for duct-mounting that is effective at reducing dust, dander, VOC’s, odors and other allergens in the indoor space. The Air Knight IPGA is installed into the supply plenum of any HVAC system safely and effectively reduces pollutants 24/7 and is designed can can handle the air volume from todays high SEER and commercial HVAC systems.

Ultra-Violet Light and Ionization technologies combine to make the Air Knight® a virtually maintenance free* unit that reduces odors, VOC’s (chemical odors), smoke, dander, and other environmental pollutants.

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